18 January, 2010

Day Eight:

Okay, so I kept to the new diet... but that wasn't exactly hard! I can definitely live on this. Hopefully I will have lost when I go to the weekly weigh in Friday.

Breakfast: Poached egg, Quorn sausage, extra lean bacon piece.
Lunch: Quorn salad nimble sandwhich
Dinner: Quorn chicken salad
Snacks: Tomatoes, Cherries.
Drinks: Squash!

No idea what my intake was but I don't think it was too bad.

Let's hop I lose!

My complete and utter style icon and thinspo is Taylor Momson. I. Love. Her.


Day Six and Seven:

What a load of shit. I had the worst weekend ever. Just eating, eating, eating. I had to go to my parents for dinner and i had to go out. So that was just awful. Now I've started Slimming World! My sister wanted a diet buddy. I might actually give it a go and see how much weight I can lose for a bit. But I might adapt it a bit!!

Wish me luck!!


16 January, 2010

Day Five:

Sooo i went to Slimming World today! Their diet means i eat a lot more than usual so i may lie a bit... But getting weighed by them each week and them keeping track of my weights a good motivation.

Breakfast: 50kcal
Lunch:      0kcal
Dinner:     700kcal

Damn you pizza!


14 January, 2010

Day Four:

Today was a good day. Only had an apple. I have such a headache now though. Especially after having a poorly grumpy baby screaming at me non-stop all day. But for dinner I'm having Enchiladas which will still take me over my 1000 calories... again.

Breakfast: 0kcal
Lunch:      50kcal
Dinner:     1000kcal (?)

Tomorrow I start my course with Slimming World. I won't do their diet but the weekly weigh in will keep me on course. Plus, if I tell the other half I am doing their diet, I can stop eating all these shitty dinners. Top notch.


13 January, 2010

Some sights to help you along the way...

Day Three:

Dinner was an absolute nightmare.

Breakfast: 120kcal
Lunch:       60kcal
Dinner:      1000kcal (?)

...He made me a Ciabatta Pizza. I didn't finish it but still...

Hope you had a better day.


12 January, 2010

Day Two:

So I thought I'd have the perfect day today. Until...

I get a phone call from a friend I hadn't seen in ages! And all this snow is giving me cabin fever so i went out with her to lunch. I had such a pig out! The lowest thing on the menu was 300 calories so it was the only thing i could order. I ordered it without the dressing and i didn't finish it so... it would have been less than 300 but i have no idea how much. Now i know this doesn't sound too bad but then she went and ordered us a shared starter! NO! So i have a chicken wing, Tikka piece, And some garlic mushrooms... So it must have been a 600kcal meal? And i did royally piss off my boyfriend by telling him i wasn't eating dinner. But he had already defrosted the chicken. For fucks sake. So i had the chicken on it's own. What a fat day.

Breakfast: 220kcal
Lunch:      600kcal
Dinner:     350kcal

Let's hope tomorrow will be better.